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Details of cell therapy for spinal cord injuries

In the present publication we wanted to present a series of videos explaining the cellular treatment applied to spinal cord injuries.

Cell therapy based on mesenchymal stem cells for spinal cord injuries developed by our center is based on several stages that include:

  • The collection and differentiation of the patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells (autologous) and their differentiation into neural progenitor cells.
  • Preparation of the site to implant the pre-differentiated cells and effector lymphocytes that activate the reparative process.
  • Implantation of the cells in patients with spinal cord injury, which is performed on an outpatient basis.
  • The kinesiological rehabilitation of injured patients; as well as the implantation of pre-differentiated cells to muscle progenitor cells.

The objectives of the therapy are as follows:

  • To provide the organism with the cellular material necessary to regenerate the damaged tissue.
  • Reactivate the reparative process in both marrow and muscles, for which the necessary conditions must be generated.
  • Stimulate the muscles so that the organism is re-educated in the mechanics and coordination of movements.

Below are the explanatory videos of each step of the therapy, by Dr. Teresita Moviglia, Acidta’s medical director.

Differentiation of stem cells to neural progenitor cells

Dr. María Teresita Moviglia talks about cell therapy for the treatment of spinal cord injuries, which in its first stage is based on obtaining and differentiating the patient’s cellular material in order to differentiate it into neuronal progenitor cells.

Preparation of the site to be implanted with cells

In this video (second in the series on cell therapy applied to spinal cord), Dr. María Teresita Moviglia explains how to prepare the site where the cell implant will be performed, which was previously extracted and processed in the laboratory.

Cell implantation for patients with spinal cord injury

Our Medical Director, Dr. María Teresita Moviglia, explains how the cells are implanted in the patient with spinal cord injury. An ambulatory and minimally invasive process.

Rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury

Dr. María Teresita Moviglia explains in detail the kinesiological rehabilitation program that patients treated with cell therapy for spinal cord injury repair must comply with.


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