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R&D Our expertise includes the development of cell therapies for spinal cord injury, osteoarthrosis, muscular dystrophy, among other diseases and conditions.
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ACIDTA Promote and support the development of basic and translational research in Advanced Therapies, including Cell Therapy.
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Cell Therapy Discipline that focuses on the processes of construction, replacement or regeneration of human cells, tissues or organs to restore their normal functioning.
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The Civil Association for Research and Development of Advanced Therapies is a non-profit organization focused on promoting and supporting the development of basic and translational research in Advanced Therapies. 

Our objectives include the development of Advanced Therapies to obtain the cure to different pathologies or ailments that today have no solution, expanding the universe of new techniques or procedures.

Advanced Therapies

Advanced Therapies

Cell Therapy

It uses cells modified in the laboratory in order to achieve a medicinal effect or regenerate diseased tissues.

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Gen Therapy

Genetically modifies cells to produce a therapeutic effect or to repair defective genetic material.

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Tissue Engineering

It combines cells, engineering, material methods and biochemical factors to restore, maintain, improve or replace different types of biological tissues.

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Addressing diseases at the cellular and molecular level through nanomaterials, nanoelectronic biosensors and their interaction with biomolecules.

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More than 30 treatments have full approval in countries with high pharmacological vigilance

Gustavo A. Moviglia
Europe (EMA)

Therapy Development Process

The development of a therapy begins in the laboratory with pre-clinical trials conducted on animals to elucidate basic safety issues. If the results are encouraging, Clinical Trials are performed during which they are tested in humans to ensure their safety and efficiency.

Clinical Trials


Phase 1

  • Objective: Safety and dosage
  • Participants: 20 to 100 volunteers with the disease/condition
  • Duration: Several months

Phase 2

  • Objective: Efficacy and side effects
  • Participants: Up to several hundred people with the disease/condition
  • Duration: Several months to 2 years

Phase 3

  • Purpose: Efficacy and monitoring of adverse reactions
  • Participants: 300 to 3,000 volunteers with the disease or condition
  • Duration: 1 to 4 years

Regulatory Authorities

R&D Programs

Spinal Cord Injury

Study protocols in patients with complete spinal cord injury treated with cell therapy.


Regeneration of cartilage tissue in hip, ankle and knee joints.

Herniated disc

Cell therapy applied to the regeneration of damaged interdiscal tissue.

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