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Civil Association for Research and Development of Advanced Therapies

Our mission is to promote and support the development of basic and translational research in Advanced Therapies, including Cell Therapy. To this end, we work in several areas ranging from preclinical and clinical studies to the structuring of curricula of subjects related to Advanced Therapies at postgraduate level.

Acidta is open to all those who wish to participate

Our Goals

Our Goals


Promote and support the development of basic and translational research in Advanced Therapies, including Cell Therapy.


To promote the use of Advanced Therapies to obtain a cure for patients with different pathologies or ailments.

Good Practices

Promote the technological transfer of new techniques and procedures for the correct use of Advanced Therapies..


Promote the inclusion of Advanced Therapies in the curricula of health sciences university careers.

Our Activities

  • Develop new work bases on advanced therapies
  • Building infrastructure for cell processing and storage
  • To become the basis for clinical activities of the protocols to be implemented
  • Enter into agreements with other national and international organizations
  • Develop postgraduate courses and online training in Advanced Therapies
  • To support its associates in attending and presenting papers at international congresses and symposiums

R&D Programs

Spinal Cord Injury

Study protocols in patients with complete spinal cord injury treated with cell therapy.


Regeneration of cartilage tissue in hip, ankle and knee joints.

Herniated disc

Cell therapy applied to the regeneration of damaged interdiscal tissue.


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    About Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is a unique metropolis in the world. It has thousands of hotels, an exceptional public transportation system and a vibrant scientific and academic life. Anyone can easily find the options to temporarily settle and move around the city according to their possibilities. In addition, the Argentine people are hospitable and focused on care.


    What is Cell Therapy?

    According to the 1997 FDA definition, Cell Therapy is “The use of living cells, processed ex-vivo and reintroduced into a human organism for the purpose of curing, mitigating, preventing or diagnosing a disease or pathological condition”.

    What are mesenchymal stem cells?

    They are adult stem cells capable of differentiating into different types of cellular tissues, maintaining their capacity for self-renewal. They can be obtained from the umbilical cord, but also from adipose tissue and other body tissues.

    What authorities regulate Advanced Therapies research?

    Each country has its own health authority that regulates drug development and clinical trial activities. In the United States this role is fulfilled by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), in Europe the institution is the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and in Argentina there is the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat), which has great influence in the rest of Latin America.

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