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Local immunomodulated cell therapy described as new hope for osteoarthritis

Forbes magazine recently published a pair of articles signed by Dr. William A. Haseltime, eminent scientist and philanthropist, in which he refers to immunomodulation-mediated cell therapy as a promising technique for the prevention and cure of osteoarthritis.

Dr. William A. Haseltime is a columnist for Forbes magazine in the area of science and medicine. He is not only a graduate of Harvard Medical School and has had a prolific research career focused on cancer and HIV, but is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist and author of several best-selling books on medicine and health.

Dr. Haseltime dedicated two articles to comment on the recent paper published by researchers from Wake Forest Med School and Acidta in the journal Science Advances: The synovial environment steers cartilage deterioration and regeneration (Bolander, J., Moviglia, M.T. et al, 2023), which explains a novel method for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, involving the use of mesenchymal stem cells and effector lymphocytes.

According to Haseltime, the article explains the difficulties encountered in the regeneration of cartilage tissue after having suffered trauma, which ends up generating chronic osteoarthritis. The reasons for these difficulties lie, according to the authors, in the synovial fluid, which contains a high level of pro-inflammatory cells, but a very low level of pro-regenerative cells, which prevents the latter from being able to repair the damage to the knee.

In the Forbes articles, Haseltime explains how a new therapy based on pre-differentiated mesenchymal stem cells in the laboratory using effector lymphocytes, which are then implanted into the patient, can break this cellular imbalance and activate the repair process.

The first installment of Haseltime’s articles is entitled A New Understanding Of Osteoarthritis: Synovial Inflammation Inhibits Cartilage Repair, in which he describes what osteoarthritis is and the mechanisms by which it occurs.

The second installment is entitled A New Hope For Osteoarthritis Treatment And Prevention and explains what the new therapy proposed by Bolander, Moviglia and their fellow researchers consists of.

His conclusion is that the proposed therapy defines a technique that Haseltime describes as “the first truly positive step on the long road to treating and curing this widespread and disabling disease”.


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